A Mirror: A Tale

©Inia Gwath

To all the children of the night that feel lost out there in the shadows, you must know that you are not alone.

Originality might be dying. It seems to be sealed inside a dark grave and will rarely come out to see the moon again. Those thoughts torment me, for I believe that it is important to be yourself, to share your feelings and ideas as soon as you respect others. But now, it seems to me that everybody looks so similar, as when the ocean cannot be divided from the sky. Everyone dresses the same way, everyone has to follow an already established ideal. A fashion. There should be no fashion. Goth is a way of how you choose to express yourself.

Have you always loved darkness? Have you always feel yourself comfortable when standing there in the middle of the shadows?

Remember when you were a little child, your parents read you some bedtime stories at night, those were beautiful fairytales. But you used to wonder why the book only told tales about princess and princes but never the story of the witch… And why those fairies that appeared in such stories were always dressed in pink and were so superficially described? You wanted to know more, you were yearning inside for knowing those answers.

  Then, Autumn came with its falling colourful leaves and you discovered Halloween. Oh, it felt wonderful! You could be one year a witch, the other a monster or even a ghost. You could be anything you wanted.

But the truth was that inside your little heart you were very interested in those creatures and elements even if it was not Halloween time. You desired to think of them in your everyday life. You were lured to enter those haunted worlds and read more enchanted words.

After some time, you went to a vast place full of books and the world became wide open inviting you to follow the reader’s path. You had your encounter with those old monsters in the dark. And different questions took shape inside your head like a spider knitting its web: How have monsters been represented in literature? How they have been portrayed in art?

But not everybody walks on the same road you do, for the world is wide and has different paths to follow.

      Suddenly, you encounter creatures worst than the monsters you have been reading about, these are not creatures of horror. They come to you and tell you that you are old enough to still believe or care about the things you love. You glance at the happy ghosts inside those old and smelly books and ask them: How they expect you to change and forget what you have always loved?

Impossible. Impossible. Impossible.

You tell yourself once again, that you are going to be friends with Death. Because you have read those poets that call her our constant companion who will come to embrace us in the end, only when she needs us to be with her. Despite that you might be called a freak, you keep thinking that cemeteries and graveyards are beautiful and you are respectful towards them as you have always been. You know Death is an old friend, and that you need to just enjoy life as much as possible.

   And how to enjoy life? When you are still young and fresh as a flower covered by the morning dew, some out there tell you to party, to drink, and even to take drugs.

No. Do not take that road. Stay safe where you are.

You believe in imagination, in nature, in landscapes, and in seeing beauty with your own eyes and mind. Believe me, now I am old enough to tell you that almost every Goth will give you the same advice I am giving to you: stay true to yourself, still believe in the beauty of your mind.

You will grow up and you will still love the same things you loved when you were small and used to play in those colourful playgrounds.

At nights you enjoy watching the moon up there in the sky while feeling the wind blowing around. In the evenings you appreciate the breathless sunsetting.

And when those colourful Autumn leaves start falling again, you will already know it is Halloween, despite you are old enough for going treat or trick. You carry the monsters inside your mind and in those books you are holding with your hands. While you walk down the road you unconsciously wonder that maybe someday you might encounter a ghost, who knows?

You still want to be creative, you might modify the clothes you buy adjusting them to fit your own style. Your belongings must have something unique of you. You may even craft your accessories or support those little shops where imagination and creativity counts.

    If there are books in every corner of this little world, there is also music in the air. Halt for a while to listen how poetical and passionated those lyrics are. And in the middle of the night, you wonder if someone else might be following the same tune. The truth is that there are only a few. But that does not matters, because as gothic literature join us, music also does.

   And you realize that you are not alone in this wide world that expands its wings around us. And now you know that what you have always loved has a name, you know the worlds goth and gothic.

Some people out there love the same things you do, they will listen to you and they will like to share your passions with you.

And it is wonderful to know that you are not alone!


©Inia Gwath

𝑯𝒂𝒑𝒑𝒚 𝑾𝒐𝒓𝒍𝒅 𝑮𝒐𝒕𝒉 𝑫𝒂𝒚!

I wrote this short story because I am horrified to see how new generations are being more frequently exposed to Internet access from a very young age. Some might encounter troublesome paths, face harsh comments, even experience cyber bullying. I wanted to spread hope in this very special day.

I would really love to see your comments, thoughts and even if you want to share your own experiences as growing up as someone who loves things that are goth, so it can help anyone who might feel lost. What does goth or gothic means to you?

Feel free to comment here or the Instagram post.

I support different ways of expressing yourself as long as it does not limit the freedom of others. I support the awareness of diversity. I do not support or stand bullying. I will keep on stamping out prejudices, hate and intolerance everywhere.

If you have been bullied or discriminated, please visit The Sophie Lancaster Foundation webpage and their social media. They do a great job spreading tolerance, love and acceptance.

On the top, Wold Goth Day logo and Sophie Lancaster Foundation logo on the bottom.

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