Global Tolkien – A Roundtable

It is almost the end of the year, Christmas spirit is all over the world. But I would like to highlight this amazing Round Table, organized by Sultana Raza, in which I had the honour to participate. It was originally, it was a panel called Global Tolkien that took place at Oxonmoot 2021. Global Tolkien is a panel hosted and organized by Sultana Raza. This year, I was honoured to be part of it as one of the speakers, along with Ali Ghaderi, from Iran, and Gözde Ersoy, from Turkey.

The panel consisted of discussing and answering interesting questions related to Tolkien’s works and how our cultural background and perspectives, as non-Europeans, might influence our understanding of Tolkien’s works. It was definitely one of the most amazing experiences I have had so far, by learning, listening and discovering different opinions on the works of the author I love. You can now read the answers and questions of this amazing panel, which was published online by Vector (British Science Fiction Association), which I am reposting below.

I would like to thank Sultana Raza for the invitation to this panel, and for all the work as an organizer and to make it possible.

Following the interest generated by the Tolkien and Diversity panel at Oxonmoot 2020, (hosted by Sultana Raza), another panel on Global Tolkien was proposed and accepted by the Tolkien Society for Oxonmoot 2021. The idea for this panel was formed because of a troubling trend among some SFF and Tolkien enthusiasts against diversity in fandoms and interpretations of SFF writers. Luckily, the Tolkien Society doesn’t seem to ascribe to this view, and has been encouraging further dialogue on this topic.

The panelists included Sultana Raza (also the Moderator), Ali Ghaderi (Iran), María FernandaChávez Guiñez (Chile), and Gözde Ersoy (Turkey). Gözde Ersoy (assistant-professor of English Literature at Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, Turkey) also briefly presented a video of an online event she had organized with school children in Turkey, on the Tolkien Reading Day, where they’d read an excerpt from The Hobbit in Turkish.

The following roundtable was written after…

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