A Creative Path

Let’s take a walk through the forest, then maybe we can have a picnic in a cemetery. Can you see the bats flying away? Or maybe some crows that come to stay…

– Inia Gwath

Aside from writing literature discussions and analysis, I write short stories and poetry. My works can generally be considered as modern expressions of the gothic genre.

My Short Stories

Officially, I started writing short stories back in 2015. My main genres are ghost stories, gothic stories and tales on the goth identity. You can check out some of my short stories here:

A Mirror: A Tale

Where else can you find my short stories?

In 2019, my short story “¿Quién Soy? ¿Quién eres?” (Who I am? Who are you?) was selected among other short stories that compose a book called Relatos de Inclusión UC. My short story explores the goth subculture identity in the student’s life in the university. You can find the ebook here.

My Poems

I have been writing poetry for more than ten years. Most of them can be considered gothic. But others are about nature. In 2014, I joined AllPoetry where I used to share my poems and join discussions on gothic, dark and spooky poems. Unfortunately, as I have always pictured my poems with pictures inside my mind, I had to change the platform. I am still searching for the right place to share my work.

Meet My Ghosts: Who are my ghosts?

The speakers on my poems are generally people who passed away but for some reason are still here on earth.

I believe one of the most important themes in poetry is death and life. One of my main inspirations has been the poems written by Edgar Allan Poe.

I have always wanted to help people to deal with loss and mourning of the dears ones that are here no more. I want to kindly remind that someone does not necessarily need to be physically present but in who we are and how we remember them. I believe poetry is the perfect format for such aim.

Where you may find my poems?

On 2014, I joined All Poetry, you can check out some of my works here.

On 2020, I have published my work on Antología Poetica, a bilingual (English and Spanish) online poetry project done by my university, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. You can read some of my poems in English:

A Green Little Alien

Somewhere in the Galaxy

The Maroon Moon

Recently, I started an Instagram account called @iniagwath to share some of the poems I have written.