As you might guess, “Books From Fangorn” makes reference to the forest from J. R. R. Tolkien’s works: Fangorn Forest, where the Ents dwell. There is a whole section here dedicated to the professor’s work called A Tolkienist Road.

Back in 2016, I started thinking about how different topics could be found in a single place. Topics that despite they look differently they have some similrities, like a forest and its inhabitants. It was not until 2020 when I could finally found out the proper name for the website you are now visiting.

Books from Fangorn has the aim of producing discussion around literature. It is not possible to cover all literary genres but the main focus are fantasy and fantastic, gothic, classic novels. As run by a professional, the topics of discussion are ecological studies, gender studies and monster studies. You can find more at the Literary Studies section.

If you are passionated for reading, this website is for you. You can find book comments, reviews and recommendations in The Bookish Inn section.

Literature goes hand with hand with movies, tv series and art. As these are various topics, you can find them in the section called The Forest, as when walking through the woods you can find different types of trees and flowers.

Besides being a freelance academic writer, in the section A Creative Path you can find information about my creative writing path: some poems and short stories.

Books from Fangorn is active on Instagram, as it is a more open platform to spread discussions on such topics. Please contact me before using one of the posts, is what I ask for sharing some of my work. If you have any suggestion, comment, question, looking foward to hearing from you.

✶⋆ Welcome to Books From Fangorn!

Now that you know about this page, it is time to choose where to start. Follow this shadowy road and you will find three divisions, which may take you to life, death or even rebirth.

If you walk straight you may arrive at a Bookish Inn where you take some rest inside and read some books. You might be tempted to reflect about your reading by consulting some Literary Studies.

But if you wander among the trees with colourful leaves you may get lost in The Forest where you can find posts about films, movie series and other topics which are not literature.

If you decide to turn around and walk back to the road, turn to the left and you will see a road that will take you to a Creative Path

Or why not discover the heart of the forest and take A Tolkienist Road?

No matter what path you choose, come… Read among the trees and discover books through their leaves.