María Fernanda Chávez Guiñez

María Fernanda Chávez Guiñez, Inia Gwath for short, is the independent scholar who writes in Books from Fangorn.

She studied literature and linguistics in Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, a professional career that lasts four years in her country. Additionally, she has an Art History minor in the same university, and studies in archaeology and anthropology.

She is a reader, a writer and a creative soul.

Her favourite literary genres are gothic, fantasy and fantastic. Her research mostly focuses on ecology, gender, and monster studies in literature. For the moment, she shares discussions on such topics on Books From Fangorn. To know more about Books From Fangorn go here. On Oxonmoot 2020, she gave a talk on feminism and J.R.R. Tolkien’s works, focussing on Ungoliant and Shelob.

She writes book reviews without spoilers, to incentivize readers to live the magic of reading, in Goodreads.

Inia also writes poetry, short stories and novels. You can know more about her poems and short stories here.

She is the same person who wrote in the Spanish Tolkien fandom website: “El Pony Pisador” under the pen name LaurëAnárion. As you can guess, her mother tongue is Spanish, she is from Chile, but writes in English because she loves reading from people all over the world.

Regarding art, she appreciates indigenous and Precolumbian art above all other visual expressions. But, among her favourite well-known painters are: Jackson Pollock, Berthe Morisot, Caspar David Friedrich and William Turner.

You can find her on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.