Literary Studies

One of the purposes of Books from Fangorn is to write and share posts that generate discussions around books. The main topics of analysis in this site are: gender, nature and monster studies in literature. Most reads are gothic novels, classics, fantasy and fantastic.

Below are the published entries on the mentioned topics. Please give credits if you use my articles and contact me.

The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe 70th Anniversary – A Gender Overview in Narnia

  • key words: The Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis, Gender Studies, Feminist Studies, Children’s Literature.

The Gothic

  • key words: the Gothic, Gothic Literature, Ann Radcliffe, Horace Walpole, Romanticism

The Monk (Matthew Lewis), Art and Women: Scandalous Insights

  • key words: Feminist Studies, Art History, The Monk, the Gothic, Matthew Lewis.

In Search of the Gothic in Wildfell Hall

  • key words: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, Nature, the Gothic, Feminist Studies, Anne Brontë.

The Shadowy Boundary Between Terror and Horror

  • key words: Horror, Terror, the Gothic, Ann Radcliffe, Edmund Burke.

In Search of Terror and Horror in the Sublime

  • key words: Edmund Burke, Horror, the Gothic, the Sublime, The Castle of Otranto

The Uncanny as a Source of Horror in The Vampyre

  • key words: The Vampyre, John Polidori, the Uncanny, Sigmund Freud, Monstrosity

Mirror, Mirror Show us Lady Audley’s Horror

  • key words: Lady Audley’s Secret, Mary Elizabeth Braddon, Jacques Lacan, Feminist Studies.

Understanding Monsters: How Monstrousity is Constructed

  • key words: Monster Studies, Jeffrey Jerome Cohen, Monster Theory, Monstrosity.