The Author

María Fernanda Chávez Guiñez (Inia Gwath) is an independent scholar who runs Books from Fangorn. When she is not writing, she reads among the trees and discovers books through their leaves. She has a creative soul who loves nature. María Fernanda lives in Chile.


María Fernanda is very proud to have been a volunteer in numerous non profit organizations.

She is a currently a volunteer in two non-profit organizations:



She studied literature and linguistics in Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, a professional career that lasts four years in her country. Additionally, she has an Art History minor, some studies in archaeology and anthropology, coursed in the mentioned university.

She aims to continue studying formally in the future.

Academic Talks

  • At Oxonmoot 2020, she gave a talk on feminism and J.R.R. Tolkien’s works, focussing on Ungoliant and Shelob.

Academic Publications

  • At the moment, María Fernanda is only writing articles in Books from Fangorn.

Creative Path


  • Editor of The Oxonmoot Anthology of Poetry (2020) for The Tolkien Society. Her poem, “Gollum and the Ring” was also included.

  • Online poems published at All Poetry, since 2014, under her penname Inia Gwath.
  • She has also written in the hispanic fansite inspired in J.R. R. Tolkien’s works, El Poney Pisador, under the penname Laurë Anárion.